Creating the PostgreSQL database

RICOH ProcessDirector creates the PostgreSQL database the first time you configure the database settings and enable data collection.
RICOH ProcessDirector only creates the database once, so you must be sure that it is configured correctly before you enable the data collection. To change the database, such as to move it to a different server or to connect to a centrally managed PostgreSQL database in your production environment, you must create the new database outside of RICOH ProcessDirector. Then, you can update the database settings in RICOH ProcessDirector to connect to the new database.
To create the PostgreSQL database:
  1. Click the Administration tab.
  2. In the left pane, click ReportsDatabase Settings.
  3. To create the PostgreSQL database on the RICOH ProcessDirector primary server, make sure that the PostgreSQLserver IP address or host name property value is localhost:

    With RICOH ProcessDirector for Linux, the PostgreSQL database can reside on a different computer. However, RICOH ProcessDirector cannot create the database on a different computer. You must create the database on that computer outside using PostgreSQL tools. After you create the database on a different server, enter the IP address or hostname here.

  4. Review the current values for the properties and make any required updates.
    To see information about any of the properties, click the question mark button next to the property name.
  5. Click SAVE.
    • RICOH ProcessDirector does not collect data during job processing until you enable data collection and also enable one or more Data Collectors or add a WritePropsToReportsDatabase step to a workflow.
  6. When you are certain that the database settings are correct, click the Data Collection switch at the top of the Database Settings page to enable data collection.
The first time you enable data collection, RICOH ProcessDirector creates the database using the property values that you specify. Disabling data collection disconnects RICOH ProcessDirector from the database. Enabling data collection re-establishes the connection.
  • Updating properties on this page does not update the database. You must use PostgreSQL metacommands or another interface to make changes to the database, then use these properties to match.

    For example, your corporate guidelines require all passwords to be reset every 90 days. To update the password that RICOH ProcessDirector uses to access the PostgreSQL database, you must:

    1. Update the password in the database using metacommands or a separate user interface.
    2. Update the password on the Database Settings page.