The system cannot find a data file for a job received from Avanti Slingshot

If a job exported from Avanti Slingshot goes into an error state and you see message AIWI6126E, RICOH ProcessDirector did not receive a valid PDF file with the JDF job ticket from Slingshot.

To identify and correct the problem:

  1. In Slingshot:
    1. On the sales order, make sure that you created the Line Items correctly.

      • If Slingshot sends PDF files with sales orders, make sure that you attached at least one PDF file to the Documents tab for each Line Item.
      • If Slingshot puts a link to PDF files in the JDF job ticket, make sure that the link is correct. Make sure that the files are in the specified directory and that the RICOH ProcessDirector system user has authority to read them. The default system user is aiw1.

    2. On the job, make sure that the Description on the Sections tab specifies the name of the RICOH ProcessDirector hot folder that receives the job from Slingshot.
    3. If you find a problem on the sales order or job, create a new sales order. Release it for processing, and export the job to RICOH ProcessDirector.
  2. In RICOH ProcessDirector:
    1. Make sure that you set up a hot folder with the same name as the Line Item on the Slingshot sales order.
    2. If a hot folder does not have the same name, set up a new hot folder.