Installing the Main Application and Related Programs

To use TotalFlow Prep, you must install the following application and related programs:
  • Main application

    The basic program for this application. The Printer Connector component is also installed as part of the main application installation.

  • TotalFlow PDF driver

    TotalFlow PDF driver is required if you want to use Microsoft Office (Word/Excel/PowerPoint) documents with this application. When Microsoft Office documents are loaded into this application, this driver converts the documents to PDF format.

  • If Adobe Acrobat (not included) is required for your workflow, make sure it is installed before you install this application.
  • To change the display language of this application after it has been installed, you must uninstall this application, and then reinstall it.
  • To update the Windows operating system version of the computer where this application is installed, follow this procedure:
    1. Uninstall this application.
    2. Update the version of the operating system.
    3. Reinstall this application.