Precautions After Installing the TotalFlow PDF Driver

  • Do not change the name of the TotalFlow PDF driver.
  • Make sure that these values are set on the Adobe PDF Settings tab in the TotalFlow PDF Printing Preferences dialog box:
    • Adobe PDF Security: None
    • Adobe PDF Output Folder: Documents\*.pdf
    • View Adobe PDF results: Not selected
    • Delete log files for successful jobs: Selected

    These settings are required for importing Microsoft Office files into this application.

    To open the TotalFlow PDF Printing Preferences dialog box, go to Control Panel Devices and Printers. Then, right-click the TotalFlow PDF icon and select Printing preferences.

    Depending on the operating system, TotalFlow PDF and Adobe PDF might be displayed as one entry in the Devices and Printers panel, either as TotalFlow PDF or Adobe PDF. In this case, to modify the TotalFlow PDF driver settings, right-click the TotalFlow PDF or Adobe PDF icon and select Printing preferences TotalFlow PDF.

  • If you have to upgrade or downgrade your version of Adobe Acrobat, you must also reinstall the TotalFlow PDF driver.
    First uninstall the TotalFlow PDF driver manually, then upgrade (or downgrade) Adobe Acrobat, and then reinstall the TotalFlow PDF driver from the Windows Start menu.
  • If you uninstall Adobe Acrobat, the TotalFlow PDF driver will not function and you will have to uninstall it manually.
Reference: For details about uninstalling the TotalFlow PDF driver, see Uninstalling the TotalFlow PDF Driver Manually.