Common errors with AFP Upload using TCP/IP networks

The following contains common errors when using AFP Upload using TCP/IP networks. Each problem displays the Symptom and its Likely Causes and Resolutions:


You run the host server program as a job managed by an MVS initiator. After running for a period, the host server program ends with system code 522.

Likely Causes and Resolutions:

System code 522 indicates that all of the tasks in a job step were in a wait state for the time specified in the JWT parameter of the SMFPRMxx parmlib member. However, lengthy waits are normal during periods when no AFP Upload AIX clients send files to the host server program.

Specify TIME=NOLIMIT in the JCL EXEC statement for the host server program to bypass job step wait limits.


You provide values for class, destination, and forms when you enqueue a print file, but some of the values are not reflected on the SYSOUT data se