Resource exit

The line-data transform provides an exit that enables you to filter (exclude) resources. This exit is useful in controlling resources at the file-name level. For example, assume you only wanted to use those fonts that are not shipped with InfoPrint Manager. You could code this exit program to contain a table of all fonts shipped with InfoPrint Manager and filter those from the resource file. Security is another consideration for using this exit because you could prevent certain named resources from being included. The program invoked at this exit is defined by the resexitkeyword of the line2afp command.

This exit receives control before a resource is read from a directory. The exit program can request that the resource be processed or ignored (skipped), but it cannot substitute another resource name in place of the requested one. If the exit requests that any overlay be ignored, the line-data transform automatically ignores any resources the overlay might have referenced (that is, fonts and page segments).

Sample resource exit C language header contains a sample C language header that describes the control block that is passed to the exit program.

Sample resource exit C language header