Mapping Attributes and Values to PPD Options

A PPD file associated to a CUPS destination describes all the device features that can be utilized by a certain printer model. It also contains the coded commands that must be used to invoke certain features of the device. Such features include different page sizes, different methods of paper handling, memory size, font availability, and finishing features, such as duplex printing or stapling.

When a CUPS destination is created within the InfoPrint Manager system, specific information is extracted from the PPD printer. This information is then saved under /var/pd/linux.models directory as a printer model configuration file that has the name of the printer model and the .cfg extension, for example: RICOH_MP_601.ppd.cfg. The OTHER_PRINTER_OPTIONS section of the printer model configuration file maps InfoPrint Manager attributes and values to PPD options by using the following basic syntax: <ipm_attribute_name>:<ipm_attribute_value>:<ppd_options>. The support consists in passing the <ppd_options> to the underlying CUPS print system when the job, document or destination <ipm_attribute_name> has the value set to <ipm_attribute_value>.

For example, this statement configures the PPD option to be passed for printing monochrome: color-bits-per-plane:0-bits:ColorModel=GrayScale. InfoPrint Manager passes the ColorModel=GrayScale option for every CUPS job processing with a value of 0-bits for the document or destination color-bits-per-plane attribute.

The challenge is in identifying the PPD options which call the needed functions. The lpoptions CUPS command can be used for listing the options defined in the printer PPD file. The CUPS error_log in /var/log/cups can help as CUPS lists all the options passed for a specific job. To determine the correct mapping, use the Linux print interface to select features and then to identify the PPD options passed in the CUPS logs.

These attributes can be mapped in the OTHER_PRINTER_OPTIONS section:

  • color-toner-saver
  • color-bits-per-plane
  • default-medium
  • default-printer-resolution
  • output bin
  • output-format
  • job-finishing


output-bin:stapler:OutputBin=FinEUPHBBKShift StapleLocation=UpperLeft
output-bin:bookletmaker:OutPutBin=FinEUPHBBKLower StapleLocation=CenterW

  • The InfoPrint Manager administrator maps the PPD options in the printer model configuration.
  • Unless instructed by the support personnel, the administrator must not edit any other section of the printer model configuration file.
  • Restart the server after a change in the printer model configuration file.
  • Devices do not have the same set of features, and even devices with the same features do not necessarily invoke those features in the same way.
  • PPD print options can be passed to the underlying print system also by using the printer-pass-through attribute.
  • The underlying print system ignores the PPD options when using passthrough printing, via the -o raw option.
  • The printer model configuration file supports only the en_US locale. You must use en_US attributes and values when you map PPD options.
  • Use true or false values for the attributes that accept yes or no, such as: color-toner-saver:true:RIPRintMode=4rhit.

For more information about these attributes, see RICOH InfoPrint Manager: Reference.