Specifies a bin name followed by a bin number. For PSF, InfoPrint Manager uses this attribute to map names of output bins, such as top, to bin numbers that the printer device understands.

For CUPS, InfoPrint uses this attribute to map names of output bins, such as top, and bin numbers, such as 1, to the corresponding driver option set in the printer model configuration file. For more information, see "Mapping Attributes and Values to PPD Options" in the InfoPrint Manager for Linux: Getting Started.

GUI label

Map output bin to number




Resettable, multi-valued, complex



Separate each pair of values with a colon, for example:



  • bin-name

    The name of an output bin.

    • GUI label

      Bin name

    • Type


    • Allowed Values

      You can enter a text string containing a bin name.

  • bin-number

    The number that the printer device has assigned to the output bin.

    • GUI label

      Bin number

    • Type


    • Allowed Values

      You can enter a numeric value.

Default Values

If SNMP communication is active, InfoPrint Manager queries the printer device and sets the values according to the response; otherwise no default value.

Usage Guidelines

  • For explanations on the attribute values, see the job attribute output-bin.
  • InfoPrint Manager automatically updates the output-bins-supported actual destination attribute from the value or values that you set for this attribute.
  • The InfoPrint Manager server can automatically set the value for output-bin-numbers for an SNMP printer only if you do not explicitly set the attribute when creating or modifying the actual destination or if you reset the attribute to the InfoPrint Manager default.
Note: For PSF Other and PSF Command attached printers, the output-bin name needs to be numeric to be used by PSF. Otherwise, the default output-bin is used.