Identifies how the output device that this actual destination represents attaches to the DSS and how InfoPrint communicates with the output device.




Initially settable, single-valued

Allowed Values

You can enter one of these fixed values:

Fixed Value Explanation
command InfoPrint communicates with this printer device by forwarding print requests to the remote print system or printer with a command. You might need to create a queue on the remote print system.
other-driver InfoPrint communicates directly with the printer device through an AIX printer backend program, Linux CUPS backend, or a Windows printer port.
tcpip InfoPrint communicates with this TCP/IP LAN-attached printer device directly through the TCP/IP network.
upload-tcpip This printer device is attached to an MVS system. InfoPrint communicates with PSF/MVS through the TCP/IP network.
Note: This value is only supported by the PSF DSS for AIX or Linux.

Default Value

No default value

Usage Guidelines

  • You need to specify a value for this attribute when you create a PSF actual destination.
  • Some actual destination attributes apply only to certain attachment types.