Specifies the name of a program that monitors output data from this actual destination. For example, the output data exit program can print a report at the end of a job listing the start and end time and the number of fonts, page segments, and overlays in the job so that you can track output device performance.

GUI label

Output data exit


PSF, Email, InfoPrint 2000


Resettable, single-valued

Allowed Values

You can enter a text string of up to 255 characters.

Default Value

No default value

Usage Guidelines

You can use the sample output data exit program supplied:

  • With InfoPrint:
    • With AIX, /usr/lpp/psf/bin/ainuxout (source /usr/lpp/psf/exits/ainuxout.c)
    • With Windows, install_path\bin\ainuxout (source install_path\usr\lpp\psf\exits\ainuxout.c), where install_path indicates the path where you installed InfoPrint Manager for Windows
  • Write your own

For more information about user-exit programs for InfoPrint Manager, visit the appropriate site from the Ricoh Web site: http://www.rpp.ricoh-usa.com.