Transform fails with error 100

If you are using a RICOH Transform Feature with a step based on the TransformJobIntoAFP step template and the step fails with error, the problem could be related to a downlevel library in your operating system.

To solve the problem:

  1. Log in to the primary computer and open a command line.
  2. Type: rpm -qa glibc
    In the results, look at the level of the glibc library. If it is lower than 2.27, this library is the cause of the error.
  3. To resolve the error, you can choose one of these options:
    1. Update to glibc version 2.27 or higher.
    2. Reconfigure the transform step to use the CPSI conversion program in the TransformJobIntoAFP step instead of APPE. Open the workflow that uses this step and change the name of the file in the value of the External control file template property to prepare_transform.cfg instead of prepare_transform_APPE.cfg.