Job leaves Reading barcodes state too soon

If a job leaves the Reading barcodes state before all the documents have been read, you might have to adjust some configuration settings.
On the Job properties notebook, look at these properties:
  • Verification tab: Results file inactivity timer

    If this property has a value, the step monitors updates to the barcode reader results file. If the results file remains unchanged for the amount of time set in this property, the job moves to the next step even if not all barcodes for the job have been verified. To prevent jobs from moving on in the future, you can increase the value from the Results file inactivity timer on the ReadBarcodeData step in the workflow used for the job to a greater length of time.

    You can also prevent a job from leaving the Reading barcodes state automatically by simply not including a value in the Results file inactivity timer.

  • Reconcile tab: Automatic reconciliation

    If this property on the Reconcile tab of the job properties notebook is set to Yes, the job might move through the Reconcile step without pausing.