Reducing file size

If your file systems are becoming too full, you can reduce the information that some steps save in workflows to conserve space.

Each step in a workflow has a Step restart type property, which is used to specify if you can use the Process again action to restart processing of a job at that step. When the Step restart type is set to a value other than None, Delete, or Reformat, a copy of the input file is saved to the checkpoints directory for the job before the step runs. The default Step restart type for most steps is General, which saves copies of the input file.

To prevent saving the input file for a step:

  1. Go to a step in your workflow.
  2. Change the value for Step restart type to None.

If you change the Step restart type to None for a step, you will not be able to use the Process again action to restart at that step. You will need to select a step that runs before this one to restart the job.