Auto reconciliation jobs need to be reconciled

Some jobs still require operator reconciliation, even if the Auto reconciliation property is set to Yes.

If the barcode on a document is scanned twice, the job it is a part of goes into a Duplicate detected state in the ReadBarcodeData step. After completing this step, the job enters a Reconcile step and goes into the Waiting to reconcile state because the duplicate scans must be resolved before reconciliation can be completed.

To reconcile the duplicate scans:
  1. In the Main page, right-click the job in the Jobs portlet and select Reconcile.
  2. In the Documents table, documents that have more than one scan are found in the Scan count column by looking for values other than 1 or blank, or by looking for the Duplicate value in the column containing the document status specified for the job.
  3. Select an action.
    Option Description
    OK Changes the Status to OK. Use this option after you identify the reason for the duplicate scan and dispose of any duplicates, according to your company’s policies.
    Pull Use this option if you want to remove all copies of the document from the job.
    Reprint A child job is created and the documents are printed again. Use this option if you want to print the document again. The next printing of the document contains a different barcode, so it does not appear as a duplicate of the document you marked for reprint.
  4. After you specify an action for all of the documents marked with a Duplicate status, click OK.