Highlights of the AFP Classic Fonts

The AFP classic OpenType fonts include these highlights:

  • Unicode glyph support included in each font:
    Alphabetic Presentation Forms Lao
    Arabic Latin Extended-A
    Arabic Presentation Forms-B Latin Extended-B
    Arrows Latin-1 Supplement
    Basic Latin Letter-like Symbols
    Block Elements Mathematical Operators
    Box Drawing Miscellaneous Symbols
    CJK symbols and Punctuation Miscellaneous Technical
    Combining Diacritical Marks Non-Plane 0
    Currency Symbols Number Forms
    Cyrillic Private Use
    General Punctuation Small Form Variants
    Geometric Shapes Spacing Modifier Letters
    Greek Superscripts and Subscripts
    Hebrew Thai
  • The Tilde and Circumflex characters have been modified to match Unicode standards.
  • The Arabic Latin glyphs with design variations are listed below in the Classic Helvetica IBM Type family printed in 18 point:18 point font examples for Classic Helvetica IBM Type
  • The AFP Classic Symbols fonts are not included at this time.
  • The “Theta Small” glyph , “0”, has been assigned the Unicode value of U+03B8 to match the IBM standard for GCSGID GT610000.