Batched files stay in Waiting state in Receive phase

You can submit a group of files with the Batching method on the input device set to List, which tells RICOH ProcessDirector to use a list file that accompanies the input files to identify all the files in the group. The input device waits for all the files in the list to arrive, then creates a job and submits it. If all the files in the group have arrived in the input device, but they all stay in the Waiting state, you might need to re-create the list file.

This problem typically occurs if you create your list file on a Windows system. When you create a text file on a Windows system and save it in UTF-8 format, the text editor adds a byte order mark (BOM) to the beginning of the text file. While you cannot see the BOM in the file if you open it on a Windows system, RICOH ProcessDirector sees it when it tries to read the file. As a result, RICOH ProcessDirector reads the BOM as part of the file name of the first file in the list. Because it cannot find a file with that name in the folder location for the input device, it keeps all the input files in the Waiting state.

To solve the problem:

  1. Open the list file on a Linux, AIX, or other UNIX system.
  2. Delete the first three characters in the file (you might see them represented by squares: ☐☐☐)
  3. Save the file.
  4. Resubmit the job using the new list file.