Font errors when viewing AFP jobs

If you open a file in the viewer and see a message that a code page, character set, or coded font is not defined, you might want to update the font configuration files that the viewer uses to identify the custom fonts that the installation uses.

When you view an AFP file in RICOH ProcessDirector , the file viewer converts the file to be displayed. In the process, it looks for the AFP fonts that the file uses in these places:

  1. Inline with the job
  2. In the directories specified by the AFP resource path job property, if the AFP Support feature is installed
  3. In /aiw/aiw1/resources
  4. In /usr/lpp/psf/reslib
If it does not find the fonts, it maps them to viewable fonts. The default font configuration files provide mappings for IBM fonts, but if the job contains custom fonts that are not available to the viewer or listed in the configuration files, errors occur. If the file viewer does not find the font in the configuration files, it substitutes the font and code page specified in the DEFAULT sections of two of the font configuration files (cpdef.fnt and csdef.fnt). When those files are installed, the font listed in the DEFAULT section is Times New Roman, 8-point and the code page is EBCDIC 500, although they can be changed. The content of the AFP file is not changed, but the displayed version might not look the same as the printed version. If the code page or the font is not defined in the configuration files and it is not an EBCDIC code page, the file viewer displays unreadable text.

To view the job using the correct fonts, add your custom font information to the font configuration files. Write down the character sets, code pages, and coded fonts that the error messages reported as missing so you have them to refer to while you edit the files.

  • The viewer component cannot access resources stored in directories that have international characters, including double-byte characters, in their directory path names. If you store resources in directories that have accented or any other international characters in their directory paths, the viewer substitutes other characters for display purposes. The job might print correctly, even if it does not display correctly.
  • To display the job using the correct resources, move the resources to a directory that does not have international characters in its path, or rename the existing directory to remove all international characters.