Emails with attached documents are not sent or received

An email with an attached document might not have been sent from the system or received by the recipient if your email provider blocked the message, the recipient email address is missing, an attached file is too large, or if the SMTP settings are incorrect.

  • Check to see how many of the emails for a given job were not sent. If none of the emails were sent, there is likely a problem with your email server. First, check with your email administrator to make sure the system is running correctly. Verify that no settings have changed recently. Then check your SMTP settings in RICOH ProcessDirector.

  • If you are sending thousands of emails to customers on a daily basis, your email provider or the recipient’s email provider might mark the email as spam or block the email altogether. To prevent this behavior, consider using a third party emailer who is certified to send bulk mail. Make sure you select an emailer with a high sender reputation and a high domain reputation


    You can also consider certifying your company’s email. By certifying your emailing service, you are added to email whitelists to ensure delivery.

  • Make sure the document being sent has an email address associated with it. In RICOH ProcessDirector, look at the job log to see how many emails were sent and compare that number to the number of documents in the job. Then look in the document properties file, located in the job’s spool directory, to see if any email addresses were missing.

  • In the document properties file, check the document property that you are using to extract email address data from the documents in the job. For example, if you are using the Doc.EmailAddress document property, make sure it is populated with email addresses. If the property does not contain any email addresses, make sure:

    • You have correctly mapped the address information from the documents in the job.

    • The EmailDocuments step specifies the document property as the value of the Recipient address property. For example, the value might be ${Doc.EmailAddress}.

  • Check the size of the document sent to the recipient. If a document is too large, your email provider or the recipient’s email provider might block the message. If the document is too large, you might need to split it or mail a physical copy of the document.

    Note: The common maximum email size limit is 25Mb, though this value can be different for each provider.