Tutorial 2: Creating a Booklet

This tutorial helps you practice creating a booklet from sample PDF and TIFF files.

Depending on the functions available on your printer, you can practice creating one of two booklet types, [A] or [B].

Making a booklet

Functions used in this tutorial:

  • Create a new job
  • Create and rename chapters
  • Edit original
    • Insert text
    • Insert image
    • Delete image
  • Paper, imposition, and finishing settings
    • Set job paper
    • Set imposition
    • Add page numbers
    • Insert tabs (booklet [A] only)
    • Finishing (staple, fold)

Selecting a booklet type

The instructions in this tutorial cover two different booklet types.

Use the information in the table to select a type of booklet according to the functions available on your printer. Follow the instructions for the type of booklet you select.

Booklet Type Binding Method Required Printer Functions
Booklet [A]

Regular printing (2-sided)

Staple: 2 at left

Insert tab stock (optional)


An input tray where you can load tab stock

Note: If your printer does not have an input tray where you can load tab stock, you can proceed with the practice without inserting tab stock.
Booklet [B]

Inner binding (Staple: 2 at center)

Booklet stapler

Folding unit

Reference: For information on the functions available on your printer, see the printer documentation.