Setting Preferences

To improve productivity, you can set preferences according to your workflow and register external programs for editing PDF files or image documents.
You can customize these settings:
  • Default measurement unit

  • Default paper size for new jobs

    Note: This paper size setting is different from the PDF page size. You can set the default PDF page size in the TotalFlow PDF driver settings. To modify the TotalFlow PDF driver settings:
    1. Go to Control Panel Devices and Printers.

    2. Right-click the TotalFlow PDF icon and select Printing preferences.

      Depending on the operating system, TotalFlow PDF and Adobe PDF might be displayed as one entry in the Devices and Printers panel, either as TotalFlow PDF or Adobe PDF. In this case, to modify the TotalFlow PDF driver settings, right-click the TotalFlow PDF or Adobe PDF icon and select Printing preferences TotalFlow PDF.

    3. On the Adobe PDF Settings tab, select an option from the Adobe PDF Page Size list.

  • Whether to save job changes in the job ticket or in the PDF file

  • Aspect ratio settings

  • User code settings

  • High contrast settings

  • Settings for finishing previews and job description alert windows

  • Settings for external programs

  • Grid and guide settings for editing originals

To set preferences:
  1. On the Settings menu, select Preferences.
    Settings menu — Preferences
  2. On the Preferences screen, configure the settings available in the General, Display, External Programs, and Grid, Guides tabs.
    For details about a specific setting, click the Help button to display the on-screen field help.
    Preferences screen
  3. Click OK.