Managing the Paper Catalog

The paper catalog contains all the papers that are defined on the printer selected for the job and all the custom papers defined locally in TotalFlow Prep. Papers represent the paper, envelopes, forms, labels, or transparencies that jobs are printed on and that you can select when you set paper properties for jobs.
To view and manage the paper catalog:
  1. On the Settings menu, select Paper Catalog.
    Settings menu — Paper Catalog
  2. On the Paper Catalog screen:
    Paper Catalog screen
    • To sort the list of papers in ascending or descending order according to a column, click the column heading.

      The Loaded Paper section displays the papers that are currently loaded in the printer trays. The Full Catalog section displays the papers from the printer catalog that are not loaded in the trays and all the custom papers registered in TotalFlow Prep.

    • To see whether a paper is from the printer catalog or is a custom paper, look at the first column. The custom icon Custom icon is displayed next to custom papers.
    • To refresh the list of papers received from the printer, click Refresh paper catalog button, the Refresh paper catalog button.

      The list of papers is also refreshed automatically when you open a job, edit the printer settings, switch printers from the printer selection menu, or click Refresh printer information button, the Refresh printer information button, on the menu bar.

      Note: This function is not available in the browser version of TotalFlow Prep.