Jobs Printed Report

The Jobs Printed report shows information about the jobs that have been printed.

The columns in this report are:

Column heading Description
ID The job ID.
Name The job name.
User code The code set on the job to allow its printing only on certain printers.
User name The name of the user that created the job. The displayed name can be different depending on the job submission method or platform.
Customer The customer for whom the job was printed.
Print end time The date and time when the job finished printing.
Printer The printer that printed the job.
Pages printed The total number of pages printed (the number of pages in the job multiplied by the number of copies printed).
Copies printed The number of copies printed.
Statement Sheets The number of Statement sheets that were printed.
A5 Sheets The number of A5 sheets that were printed.
Legal Sheets The number of Legal sheets that were printed.
Letter Sheets The number of Letter sheets that were printed.
A4 Sheets The number of A4 sheets that were printed.
Tabloid Sheets The number of Tabloid sheets that were printed.
A3 Sheets The number of A3 sheets that were printed.
12x18in Sheets The number of 12x18in sheets that were printed.
SRA3 Sheets The number of SRA3 sheets that were printed.
Color pages The number of color pages of the job.
BW pages The number of black and white pages of the job.
Other Sheets The number of sheets printed that are of other types than the default sheets.