Viewing and Changing Activity Properties and Job Defaults

Activities, like other objects, have properties that you can view and modify. Some activities are also closely associated with job properties. You can modify these activities to set default values for certain job properties when the activity processes the job.

You cannot change the properties of some of the activities that TotalFlow Production Manager supplies, although you can change the job defaults that they set. You can change the properties of supplied activities that are not protected, but we do not recommend this. Copy the activity to a custom activity and change the properties of the custom activity.

To view or change the properties and job defaults of an activity:

  1. Log in to TotalFlow Production Manager as an administrator.
  2. In the menu bar, click Operations., then Workflows.
  3. To change the properties and job defaults of all future instances of an activity:
    1. In the Workflows tab, do either of these:
      • Select a workflow, click More, then Properties...
      • Right-click a workflow, then select Properties....
      Important: Changes made this way do not affect existing instances of the activity, including instances in the default workflow. If you create a new workflow, it is copied from the default workflow, which includes the original activity.
    2. In the Properties for Workflow dialog, click Job Defaults. Or, right-click the workflow, then select Job Defaults and Overrides...
  4. To change the properties and job defaults of a single instance of an activity:
    1. In the objects pod on the left side of the screen, click Workflows.
    2. Select the workflow that includes the instance of the activity that you want to edit and click More, then Edit Workflow.

      The workflow is displayed in the Editor pod.

    3. Select the activity in the Default section and click Properties

    You see the Properties for Activity dialog.

  5. Enter or select new values for any properties of job defaults that you want to change.
  6. Click OK.