Data tab for IMBs

On the Data tab, you specify the data that AFP Editor encodes in the barcode symbol for Intelligent Mail barcodes (IMBs).

Fields on the Data tab for IMBs

Field Value Description
Barcode ID* 00 - 50 Optional Endorsement Line (OEL) sort level and exception handling.
Service type ID* 040 - 782 Type of mail and any mail services requested.
Mailer ID* 0, 6, or 9 digits A 6 or 9-digit mailer ID obtained from the United States Postal Service (USPS).
Note: You can use the Mailer ID field for other purposes in an IMB used for reply mail.
Serial number* A 6 or 9-digit serial number that identifies the mailpiece. The length depends on the number of digits specified for mailer ID. The mailer ID and serial number together can contain 15 digits.
Note: AFP Editor adds leading zeroes to the value in this field so that the value in the Mailer ID and Serial number fields together contain 15 digits.
Zeroes AFP Editor creates a serial number that contains zeroes. Mailers who use only the USPS Basic services option can use serial numbers with zeroes.
Index tag The name of an index tag that contains the serial number.
File name The full path name of an IMB serial number file that contains the serial number to be encoded in the first barcode in the AFP file. AFP Editor increments the serial number in the file by 1 for each barcode.
Routing code* The routing code (also called routing ZIP Code and delivery point ZIP Code) of the recipient of the mailpiece. The routing code, if one is specified, can contain 5, 9, or 11 digits.
Index tag The name of an index tag that contains the routing code. If blank, AFP Editor does not include a routing code in the barcode.
Note: AFP Editor removes any non-numeric characters from the value in the index tag before encoding it in the barcode symbol. For example, if the value of the index tag in a page group is 12345–6789, the value in the barcode symbol is 123456789.
Create index tag Save Indicates that AFP Editor is to create an index tag that contains the data encoded in the IMB in the page group. This option provides a record of the IMB data that you can use to retrieve a mailpiece if, for example, the USPS reports an address change for the mailpiece.
Index tag name The name to assign to the index tag that contains the IMB data. Any combination of a-z, A-Z, 0–9, special characters, and blanks.
*For more information about the values for these fields, see the Intelligent Mail® Barcode Technical Resource Guide.