Modifying barcodes

You can modify the barcodes that were created with AFP Editor. You cannot modify barcodes that are defined in the AFP file itself.
Note: In AFP Visual Environment you can display measurement units in inches or millimeters. To change the measurement unit, click View Units.
To modify a barcode:
  1. In AFP Visual Environment, open a sample AFP file and the control file that contains the definitions for the barcodes. Then click Mode AFP Editor.
  2. Click Tools Modify Definitions.
  3. Do one of these:
    • Select the barcode that you want to modify and then click Modify.
    • Double-click the barcode that you want to modify.
    You see the Modify Barcode window.
    Note: Red x image identifies barcodes that were not created because of an error. To see the error message, click Modify and then click OK on the Modify Barcode window.
  4. Optional: On the Type tab, type a new name or change the type of barcode.
    See Type tab for a description of the fields.
  5. Optional: On the Data tab, change the data to be encoded in the barcode symbol.
  6. Optional: On the Position tab, change the exact origin and size of the barcode area, the orientation of the barcode symbol within the area, and on which pages to place the barcode in each page group.
    See Position tab for a description of the fields.
  7. Click OK.
    If the barcode is an IMB, POSTNET, or QR Code barcode, you see the barcode symbol in the AFP file. If the barcode is a Code 39, Data Matrix, Interleaved 2-of-5, or PDF417 barcode, you see a box surrounding the barcode area with the title of the barcode area in the orientation that you selected for the barcode symbol.

    Note: If the IMB is a text IMB and you do not see the barcode symbol, identify the resource directory that contains the AFP IMB font to AFP Visual Environment (Resources Specify Resource Directories).

    • The AFP IMB font (character set C0XMUS23) is installed in the plugins/EditAFP directory.
  8. To close the Modify and Delete Definitions window, click X in the upper right corner.