Document property values are missing

If you try to view document property values in the user interface and they do not display, your workflow might not have written the property values to the database yet, or the properties might be defined as limited properties.

The user interface (for example, in property notebook pages or in the Documents table) displays the values of document properties according to their current values in the database. You cannot view document property values in the user interface until a step based on the WriteDocumentsToDatabase step template runs in your workflow.

If your workflow has processed a step based on the WriteDocumentsToDatabase step template but you are still not seeing a document property's values in the Documents table, the document property might have been configured as a limited property, so it is not stored in the database. Only values for database properties display in the user interface. Verify that the property is defined as a database property in the document property configuration file aiw/aiw1/config/docCustomDefinitions.xml (AIX and Linux) C:\aiw\aiw1\config\docCustomDefinitions.xml (Windows).

If the document property is a limited property:

  1. Work with your Ricoh support representative to remove the limited property definition and define the property as a database property.
  2. Run the docCustom utility and install or upgrade the Custom Document Properties feature.

  • Do not define a document property as both a database property and a limited property. Unexpected behavior might occur.

If your workflow includes the SetDocPropsFromList step, the step might not be updating the property values correctly. Compare the contents of the list files processed by the step with the settings on the step for the Document property to set, Value for matching documents, and Value for other documents properties to be sure they are the correct values.