Previewing Jobs

Before you print a job, you can preview the output in the Reader view. The Reader view lets you flip through the pages of the job and preview the job settings to make sure that they are correct.
To preview a job:
  1. Click Reader view button, the Reader view button, in the right corner of the workspace.
    Reader view
  2. Use the functions available in the Reader view to move through the job and verify the output:
    • Click the outer edge of the pages.

    • Use Previous page button, the Previous page button, and Next page button, the Next page button

    • Hover over the current page number and enter the number of the page that you want to display.

    • Select a page in the page list.

    • Click Bookmarks icon, the Bookmarks icon, and select Beginning, a chapter name, or End to go to the first page, to a specific chapter, or to the last page.

    Note: Depending on the printer, paper settings, and finishing settings, the actual output might differ from the results shown in the preview.