Viewing and Managing Logged Jobs

You can check the results of jobs from the Logged tab of the Alerts panel.
To view and manage logged jobs:
  1. On the menu bar, click Alerts button, the Alerts button.
    Opening the Alerts panel
  2. On the Alerts panel, click the Logged tab.
    Logged tab

    On the Logged tab, you can manage jobs that have finished processing or that were canceled. Jobs that are still being processed appear on the Active tab. See Viewing and Managing Active Jobs for more information. Jobs that are in an error state are displayed both in the Active and Logged tab.

  3. Look at the information displayed in the job list to check the status of logged jobs.
    • The status icons show the state of each job:

      Completed icon The job was completed.
      Canceled icon The job was canceled.
      Error icon The job encountered an error.

      Under the status icon, you can see the name of the printer specified for the job.

    • The icon displayed before the name of the job shows whether the job was submitted from the TotalFlow Prep user interface or through a hot folder:

      User interface icon The job was submitted from the user interface.
      Hot folder icon The job was submitted through a hot folder.

      Under the job name, you can see a status message. Hover over the job name for more details about the job.

    • To the right of the job name, you can see when the job was submitted.

  4. Optional: To remove all the jobs from the log, click Clear.
Note: Logs are stored for 90 days.