Troubleshooting the Properties for Job Dialog

If you encounter problems with the Properties for Job dialog, you might be able to use this topic to help resolve them.

Problem or symptom Possible meanings or solutions

Job is not stapled.

Job is not punched.

Job is not ring bound.

Job is not perfect bound.

Job is not booklet folded.

Job is not Z-folded.

  • The printer might not be able to do the selected finishing operation (staple, punch, bind, fold, and so on) because of other properties of the job. Possible causes can be: incompatible finishing settings, too many pages to be stapled together, only certain paper sizes that can be ring bound, or the job uses a different paper size. If the printer cannot correctly finish a simple job, check the printer documentation for information about other restrictions that apply to that type of finishing.
  • The printer might not have the correct finishing equipment installed. For example, if the printer does not have a perfect binder installed, it does not do any jobs requiring the perfect bind option. Resend the job to a printer that has the required finisher installed.
  • The overall job finishing options cannot be processed together with subset finishing. If you have selected subset finishing for certain pages in the job, any job finishing selections are removed.
  • The option of Z-fold is not supported when Binding edge is set to Bottom.
  • The Staple/Bind option is not supported when Binding edge is set toBottom.

Job is not booklet folded.

Job is not booklet stapled.

Booklet finishing is incompatible with printing on only one side of the page, printing multiple ups side by side, printing more than two ups on a page, and inserted tabs.

Set the Printing side property to Both sides (2 sided). When you change the Printing side property, either at the job or page level, to a one-sided option, the booklet formatting is removed.