Cannot Access TotalFlow Production Manager

If remote computers cannot access TotalFlow Production Manager, there are several possible reasons.
  • The TotalFlow Production Manager server is not running on the computer where TotalFlow Production Manager is installed. See the Setup Guide for instructions for starting TotalFlow Production Manager.
  • The network connection between the remote computers and the TotalFlow Production Manager server has failed. Restore the connection and have users refresh their browsers.
  • A firewall is blocking access. Make sure that the firewall does not block the TotalFlow Production Manager ports. By default, these ports are 15080 for the user interface and 15888 for the User's Guide in HTML format.

    If you are trying to connect to TotalFlow Production Manager server during the installation of TotalFlow PM PDF Print Driver and receive the message Cannot connect to TotalFlow PM Server, make sure that you can access TotalFlow Production Manager from your browser.

  • If you can log in to TotalFlow Production Manager, but you cannot use it and the interface is not accessible, the trial license might have expired. In this case, contact your marketing representative.
  • If you cannot access TotalFlow Production Manager after you updated your operating system to Windows 10, restart your computer, then log in to TotalFlow Production Manager.