Operations Page

The Operations page of the TotalFlow Production Manager user interface provides a central location where administrators, operators, and monitors can watch TotalFlow Production Manager route and track incoming, processing, and completed jobs and view the status of the printers and workflows that process the jobs. Administrators can also create new printers, workflows and printer pools here.

Administrators and operators can manage printers and workflows. On both the Operations page and the Queues page, administrators and operators can assign jobs to printers and edit job tickets at the last minute.

The Operations page contains an Objects pod, an All Jobs and a System summary pod. On the Objects pod you can switch between these tabs:

  • Printers
  • Workflows
  • Printer Pools
  • Connections

On the All Jobs pod you can see all the jobs that TotalFlow Production Manager received.

To view the System summary pod, click the settings icon in the All Jobs pod, then select System summary. You can see a summary of the jobs based on their current phase and you can choose to display a group of jobs in a new tab in All Jobs pod.

Important: Always use the page buttons to switch tabs in the user interface because using the browser's forward and back buttons can cause unexpected results.
Operations page of the user interface

To do an action to an object, select the object, then select one of the options at the top of the tab. Or, click More at the top of the pod, then select an action. Also, you can right-click the object and select an option from the menu.