All Jobs pod

The All Jobs pod shows the jobs in TotalFlow Production Manager.
Jobs pod

Operators and administrators can see detailed information about specific jobs and perform actions such as suspending and resuming jobs or reprinting jobs.

On the Operations page, you can filter the All Jobs pod to show only jobs with one of the displayed properties.

The default job properties displayed in the All Jobs pod are:

  • Name - Specifies the name of the job.
  • ID - Indicates the identification number assigned to the job.
  • Current phase - Indicates the processing phase that the job has reached.
  • Progress - Indicates where the job is in the printing process.
  • State - Indicates the current status of the job, for example, Processing or Error.
  • User name - Indicates the name of the user that submitted the job. The displayed name can be different depending on the job submission method or platform.
  • Total sheets - Indicates a calculated value that is used to schedule jobs to printers.
    Note: This value is estimated based on the job properties set in Job Properties Editor and it can vary on different printer controllers.
  • Submitted - Indicates the date and time when the workflow created the job.
  • Due - Specifies whether the job is due by a certain date and how many days are left until the due date.

To add more properties, click More icon the tools icon, then Manage Columns....

The job state indicators show the job current phase and progress:

  • Manual progress category:
    TotalFlow Prep Waiting
    TotalFlow Prep Working
    Waiting for approval
    Waiting for operator action
    Waiting for password
    Waiting for order closeout
  • Error progress category:
  • Pending progress category:
    Unassigned with hold time or assigned to a disabled printer
  • Processing progress category:
    Held on printer
    Suspended on printer
    Stopped on printer

To view the System summary pod, click the settings icon in the All Jobs pod, then select System summary. You can see a summary of the jobs based on their current phase and you can choose to display a group of jobs in a new tab in All Jobs pod.

System summary pod

To change the display of the jobs in a tab, open the tab, then click Tools icon the tools icon, then group the jobs or choose the pod columns according to your needs.

To see the jobs preview, click Tools icon the tools icon, then select Job preview.

Jobs pod

When you select a job, you can see its preview at the right of the pod.