Viewing Status

Operators and administrators can view the status of a printer, workflow, or job.
  • For a printer, status information includes whether it is enabled, the most recent message about the printer, and information returned by SNMP, such as the paper level in the input trays.
  • For a workflow, status information includes whether it is enabled and the number of input files waiting.
  • For a job, status information includes its progress category, state, and whether it is in error. If it is unassigned, you can also see the wait reason details.
    Note: No print status information is available about jobs that have been sent to Passthrough printers until the printer command returns a return code.

To view the status of an object:

  1. In the object pod, do one of these:
    • For printers and jobs:
      1. Select the object, then click More, then click Status.... Also, you can view status if you right-click the object, then select Status....

        You see the Status dialog. This example shows the Status for Job dialog:

        Status for Job dialog

      2. Click the page names on the left to see different status properties.
    • You can also view the status of jobs that are in queues:
      1. In the menu bar, click Queues.
      2. In the Queues pod, double-click the job icon or right-click tha job icon and select Status....
    • For workflows:
      1. Double click the workflow, then select Editor and Properties....

        You see the Workflow dialog.

      2. Click Properties.
        Properties for workflow dialog: Status page
  2. To see information about any of the status properties, click Question mark, the question mark button, next to the property name.