Deleting Objects

Administrators can delete a workflow, printer, printer pool, paper, user, activity, job or report that is no longer needed. Operators can delete jobs.

Before you delete a workflow, make sure that all jobs that were submitted to the workflow have been deleted. Even if a job has gone to the printer, as long as it remains in the system you cannot delete the workflow. If you delete a workflow that has a hot folder associated, the hot folder will also be deleted, but it will remain on the server. If there are any input files in the hot folder, the hot folder is not deleted.

Before you delete a printer or printer pool, make sure that:

  • No jobs have been sent to the printer or printer pool.
  • No workflow job property default or override values specify the printer or printer pool as Requested printer.

  1. Deleting a printer removes the printer from the system. New jobs can no longer request that printer. TotalFlow Production Manager changes the value of the Requested printer property for any existing job that requests the printer to "Not set".
  2. When you delete a printer that belongs to a printer pool, that printer is removed from the pool.
  3. Deleting a printer pool does not delete the associated printers.

Before you delete a paper, make sure that the paper s not specified in the paper map or in a paper change for any printer.

Jobs that have been assigned based on a paper change become unassigned or are assigned to another printer.

Deleting a job stops all further job processing and removes it from the system. Jobs can be deleted at any time and in any status other than Processing.

Deleting a job removes the job and its associated input files from the system.

Before you delete an activity, make sure that it is not part of any workflow.

If you delete a job while it is in Printing state, and at least 50 percent of it has already been printed, the printer finishes the job, but the job report contains only information about the part of the job that was printed before you deleted it.

If you delete a job while it is in Printing or Spooling state, you cannot receive updated information about it.

To delete an object:

  1. Right-click the object, then select Delete....

    You see a confirmation message.

  2. Click Yes.

When you delete a paper or printer, TotalFlow Production Manager changes the value of the applicable job property for any existing job that requests it to Not set. You must specify a different printer for jobs that request a deleted printer before TotalFlow Production Manager can print them.

Note: Deleting objects that existing jobs use does not always prevent those jobs from printing.