Viewing and Changing Properties

The properties of an object are attributes such as the object name, the length and width of a paper, the size, priority, and number of copies of a job, the paper and finishing options that a printer supports, and so on.

Administrators can view the properties of all objects (server, workflows, printers, printer pools, papers, workflow activities, and jobs) and change the read/write properties of all objects. Operators can view the properties of printers, printer pools, workflows, papers, and jobs, and they can change the read/write properties of these objects. Monitors can view the printers, printer pools, workflows, and jobs, but they cannot view or change any properties of these objects.

Note: You cannot change the properties of a paper that was automatically created to correspond to a paper in the printer’s paper catalog.

To view or change the properties of an object:

  1. In the object pod, right-click the object and select Properties... from the options list that opens.

    You see the Properties dialog. This example shows the Properties for Job Ticket Printer dialog:

    Properties for Job Ticket Printer dialog

  2. Click each page to see different properties.
  3. To see on-screen balloon help for any of the properties:
    1. Mouse over the property.
    2. Click Question mark, the question mark button, next to the property name.
  4. Enter or select new values for any properties that you want to change.
  5. Click OK.
    For printer and workflow updates to take effect, TotalFlow Production Manager disables the printer or workflow, then enables it automatically.