AFP jobs print with incorrect colors

If an AFP job contains multiple AFP presentation documents and they have different color management resources (CMRs), the job can print with incorrect colors.
  • An AFP presentation document is different from a RICOH ProcessDirector document. Begin Document (BDT) and End Document (EDT) structured fields define an AFP presentation document. Begin Named Group (BNG) and End Named Group (ENG) structured fields define a RICOH ProcessDirector document. AFP jobs can have AFP presentation documents regardless of whether they have RICOH ProcessDirector documents. For example, an application that combines multiple AFP files into one AFP job can make each of the original AFP files into an AFP presentation document.

The EnableRepositioning step runs the AFP Conversion and Indexing Facility (ACIF). When ACIF processes a job with multiple presentation documents:

  • It removes all the BDT and EDT structured fields.
  • It generates a single set of BDT and EDT structured fields for the entire output.
If the presentation documents have different CMRs, all but one of the CMRs are removed, and the job prints with incorrect colors.

To fix a problem with AFP jobs that print incorrectly because CMRs have been removed:
  • Remove the EnableRepositioning step from the workflow.
    When using the Jump to and Print again functions without the EnableRepositioning step, you cannot use sheet numbers or indexing tags to select pages in the viewer.

    If you have the Inserter feature and the workflow contains the CreateInserterReprints step, do not remove the EnableRepositioning step. It is required to reprint documents damaged during insertion.

  • Contact your Ricoh support representative for a fix that lets ACIF pass all the BDT and EDT structured fields into the output data stream.