Jump to goes to incorrect page

If you click the Jump to control in the RICOH ProcessDirector user interface and the page where the printer resumes is not the page displayed in the viewer, check for functions that can introduce inaccurate page counts. Examples are cut sheet emulation, N_UP printing, and the Duplex and Form definition job properties.
To check for and account for these functions:
  • At the printer console, check if the printer is set to cut sheet emulation.

    Cut sheet emulation is used to print two pages of data side-by-side on a single sheet that is later cut in two.

  • Check if the form definition is set to N_UP printing.

    N_UP printing is a function that is specified in the form definition that is used to print the job. It lets a job print multiple (n) pages per side of a sheet. With duplex printing taken into account, you could print four pages on each side of one sheet, totalling eight pages per sheet. Although RICOH ProcessDirector accounts for N_UP printing, N_UP printing can be turned on and off in a job and errors might occur. In that case, use the Jump to control again until you get the correct page.

  • Check the printer properties to see if Interrupt Message Page is set to Yes.

    The Interrupt Message Page property prints an informational page when the Jump to action is used. This adds an extra sheet to the page count. To avoid this problem, set the Interrupt Message Page property to No or use the Resume printing at page control instead of the Back up or Skip ahead controls.

Note that both of these functions put more than one page on a sheet. Whenever there is more than one page on a sheet, selecting any page from that sheet causes the whole sheet to be reprinted. For example:

  • In a 2-up simplex job, page 47 is on the left side of the sheet and page 48 is on the right. If you select page 48, both page 47 and page 48 are reprinted.
  • In a duplex job, page 51 is on the front of the sheet and page 52 is on the back. If you select page 52, both page 51 and page 52 are reprinted.

If you are not using cut sheet emulation or N_UP printing, contact Software Support.