Job prints on wrong printer

If a job received from Download for z/OS or AFP Download Plus prints on a printer other than the one you expected, you might have to change the printer properties or your configuration file so that RICOH ProcessDirector uses the value of the DEST parameter in the job's JCL to select the printer.

The DEST JCL parameter is often used to specify a printer on a z/OS system. When the job is downloaded, the sample receive_jcl_jobtype.cfg file maps DEST to the Destination property of the job. The job is then scheduled to a printer whose Destination property matches the job Destination property.

RICOH ProcessDirector can also use the Requested printer property to schedule jobs to a printer whose name matches the value of the Requested printer property.

To use the DEST JCL parameter to assign a job to a printer, you must do either of these:

  • Set the Destination property of the printer to match the value of the DEST JCL parameter.
  • Give the printer a name that matches the DEST value and then edit the receive_jcl_jobtype.cfg file to map the DEST parameter to the Requested printer property;
    for example:
     DEFINE ${Job.RequestedPrinter} AS "${DEST}