Job moves to error state with message AIWI0017I, return code 310

If a job goes into an error state and you see message AIWI0017I with return code 310, there might be a problem with submitting files to RICOH ProcessDirector.

Message AIWI0017I contains a copy of a message that was issued by a component of RICOH ProcessDirector. In this case, the message text is:


Message 0425-422 with return code 310 means that the file format is not valid. This can happen when a Hot folder input device creates a job from a file that has not been completely transmitted.

For example, if the Completion method of the Hot folder input device is Size, the Hot folder input device checks its contents at regular intervals, records the size of each file in it, and compares it to the size of that file at the previous checkpoint. If the size of the file has not changed, the Hot folder input device assumes that it has been fully received and creates a job. However, if the transmission pauses in the middle of a file due to network traffic and the file size does not increase before the next checkpoint, the Hot folder input device submits a partial file.

To verify that the file is incomplete, enter this command on the server where the Hot folder input device resides:

afpdmp spool_file_name | tail

If you see these messages, the file has probably been truncated:

Input file is too short
Input is not valid AFPDS

Delete the job and send it again.

To prevent this problem, try one or more of these methods:

  • Increase the Polling interval of the Hot folder input device.
  • Change the Completion method of the Hot folder input device.
  • Adjust the network to prevent pauses in data transmission.