Creating a New Job

You can create a new job from existing files on the computer using the Create New Job function.
Note: Use this method if the job will contain a single file or if all the files are located in the same folder and if you do not want to specify the order of the files inside the job.
  • The files must be located in a folder that can be accessed by the client computer.
  • Make sure that the files have a supported format. For more information, see Supported File Formats.
  • Before adding Microsoft Office files to a job, make sure that the TotalFlow PDF driver is installed. For more information, see the Setup Guide.
  • This function is not available in the browser version of TotalFlow Prep.
To create a new job:
  1. Open TotalFlow Prep and click Create New Job on the Quick Actions screen.
    Quick Actions screen — Create New Job
    Note: If a job is already open in TotalFlow Prep, go to File Create New Job to create a new job.
  2. In the Open dialog box, browse for the files that you want to add to the job, select them, and click Open.
    Open dialog box

    By default, only supported files are displayed. To display all the files inside the folder, select All Files instead of Custom Files next to the File name field.

    If a file is password-protected, you are prompted to enter the password before you can add the file to the job.

    The files are added to the job in alphabetical order.
    Note: If a job was already open in TotalFlow Prep, the new job opens in a new window.