Installing the Permanent License

The TotalFlow Production Manager installer installs a trial license. The trial license lets you use TotalFlow Production Manager for 60 days. To continue using TotalFlow Production Manager after the trial license expires, you must install a permanent license.

You can install the permanent license as soon as you finish installing TotalFlow Production Manager. You do not have to wait for the trial license to expire.

To install the TotalFlow Production Manager permanent license, you need the email containing the entitlement ID (EID) that you received from Ricoh.

TotalFlow Production Manager comes with these additional features included:

Enhanced Workflow
This feature allows you to use advanced workflow activities, such as pref lighting or transforming other data streams to PDF.
Enhanced Preflight Component
This feature allows you to use custom preflight profiles and action lists.
  1. If you used TotalFlow Production Manager with the Base Preflight Component before installing TotalFlow Production Manager with the Enhanced Preflight Component included, clear your browser cache. You must do that to make sure that the graphic interface of the current version is displayed correctly.

Do this procedure on the computer where you installed TotalFlow Production Manager.
  1. In the Windows tool bar, click Start, point to All Programs, then RICOH TotalFlow Production Manager.
  2. Right-click License Manager, then click Run as administrator.
    You see the license application.
  3. Click Help.
    The default browser opens and displays the license application help page with instructions for generating a license key.
    Note: If Microsoft Edge is set as the default browser and you are logged on with the Built-in Administrator account, an error occurs. Set a different browser as default or use a different account with administrator privileges.
  4. Follow the instructions in the license application help.
    Note: If you want to remove or relocate the TotalFlow Production Manager license, read the license revocation and transfer instructions in the Printer Connector installation folder. These instructions are usually stored in C:\Program Files\RICOH\Printer Connector\docs.