Installing TotalFlow Production Manager

To install TotalFlow Production Manager, you need the TotalFlow Production Manager installation media.
To install TotalFlow Production Manager:
  1. Log in to Windows as an administrator.
  2. Insert the TotalFlow Production Manager 64-bit installation media in the drive.
    Note: If you receive this error message: Windows error 216 occurred while loading the Java VM, you have an installation program incompatible with your system.
    The installation should start automatically. If it does not, launch setupTFPM_64.exe, in the DVD root directory.
  3. You see the User Account Control dialog. Click OK.

    You see the TotalFlow Production Manager splash screen:

    Splash screen

  4. Select a language for the installer and click OK.

    You see the Introduction dialog.

  5. Click Next.

    The installer verifies that the prerequisites are installed on your system. This might take a few seconds. When it finishes, you see the License Agreement dialog.

  6. In the License Agreement dialog:
    1. Read the license agreement.
    2. Click I accept the terms of the License Agreement.
    3. Click Next.
  7. In the Choose Install Folder dialog:
    Choose Install Folder dialog
    1. To change the default installation folder, click Choose. Select the folder where you want to install TotalFlow Production Manager and click OK.
      1. If you accept the default installation folder and C:\Program Files\RICOH\TotalFlow PM does not exist, the installer creates it.
      2. The installer creates another folder called installation_drive:\aiw\aiw1. Files that TotalFlow Production Manager uses (for example, spool files, control files, and trace files) are stored there.
    2. Click Install.

    You can see the installation progress bar. The installation might take a few minutes.

  8. To install the permanent license at this point, select Install the permanent license now and enter the license information in the dialog that opens. You can also install the permanent license later from the Windows Start menu.
  9. Click Next.
  10. If you see the Windows Security Alert dialog during the installation, click Unblock.
  11. When TotalFlow Production Manager has been activated, you see the Restore Data dialog. If you saved TotalFlow Production Manager data from a previous installation in a backup file and want to restore it, do these steps.
    1. Select I would like to restore data.
    2. Click Choose.
    3. Select the backup file and click Open.
      The backup file can be in any folder. We recommend installation_drive\installation_folder\bin. The default file name of the backup file is
  12. Click Next.

    You see the Install Complete dialog.

  13. If you do not want to open the TotalFlow Production Manager interface at this point, clear the Open the TotalFlow Production Manager user interface now check box.
  14. Click Done.