Creating a Paper Change for a Printer

When you plan to change the paper in a printer, create a paper change in the queue for that printer.

TotalFlow Production Manager assigns jobs to the printer before or after the paper change, depending on the papers that they use. When all the jobs that use the old paper have printed, the operator sees a message with instructions to change the paper.

As an option, the printer can print these instructions on a separator page.

To print the special instructions:

  • Passthrough printers must have a value for the Command for special instructions property.
  • To print the special instructions on a specific paper, the printer must have a value for the Input tray for separator pages property.

To create a paper change for a printer:

  1. In the menu bar, click Queues.
  2. In the Queues pod, click Add Paper Change, the change paper icon.

    You see the Paper Change Instructions dialog:

    Add Paper Change dialog

  3. Enter a name for the paper change in Name; for example, T4 Letter to A4.
  4. In the Printer list, select the printer for which you want to create the paper change.
  5. Choose the exact position in the jobs queue where you want this paper change to apply.
  6. Select the input tray that you want to change.

    You see a list in the After column.

  7. In the After column of the table, double-click the arrow to expand the list of papers, and select the name of the new paper that you want to load in the input tray.
  8. Enter a message to the operator in Show message; for example, Load glossy side up.
  9. Optional: To save the message to the operator in a PDF file and print this file on a separator sheet, click Print separator sheet.
    Note: The separator page does not print if the printer is a Passthrough printer and its Command for special instructions property is not set to a valid print command.
  10. Click OK.
The job is marked in the Queuespod with Operator flag the operator flag, just before it. When you hover the cursor over the flag, the paper change instructions are displayed. Double-click the operator flag to edit the instructions.
When you see the paper change message, change the paper and update the paper map. When the paper map shows the new paper, the paper change is deleted.