Mapping Trays and Paper for a Printer

A paper map shows a printer's input trays and the paper that is loaded in each tray. Operators and administrators can create and update paper maps.

For job ticket printers that represent controllers that supply tray content information, TotalFlow Production Manager automatically creates a paper map shortly after the printer is created. For more information about the tray content, see the Printer Connector readme file.

To create or update a paper map for a printer:

  1. Select the printer and click More and then Input Tray Settings....

    You see the Input Tray Settings dialog:

    Input Tray Settings dialog
    • If the printer is a passthrough printer, you will not see the Set Paper manually toggle.
    • If a tray has a manual paper defined on the printer, you can see the paper information received from the printer, but the name of the paper is Not set and the warning icon indicates that the paper is not defined in the supported papers list.

  2. Switch on the Set Paper manually toggle.
  3. To have SNMP report which input trays are installed on the printer and show only those trays, toggle off the Set Input Trays manually button.
  4. To show all input trays that the printer supports and specify which input trays are installed manually, toggle on the Set Input Trays manually button.
  5. For each input tray listed in the Tray column, click the paper name in the Paper column. From the table that opens, select the paper that is loaded in the input tray.
  6. Click OK.
  7. You can also create a new manual paper from this view and add it to the list of supported papers of a printer, and set it as the input tray paper.
    To add manual papers in an input tray, do either of these:
    • Click the arrow to open the list of supported papers and select one, then click OK.

      If none of the supported papers matches, click Custom.

    • Click the Add paper add paper icon.

      You see the Create Custom Paper dialog.

      Create Custom Paper dialog

  8. On each page of the dialog, enter or select values for the required and optional properties that need to be adjusted to match your environment.
    Click the page tabs in the navigation bar on the left to change pages.