TotalFlow Production Manager uses properties to define the attributes of all its objects, such as workflows, printers, and jobs.

The TotalFlow Production Manager user interface provides a complete description for each property. The description supplies information about the valid values and meaning of each property.

The properties are:

Server properties
Server properties define certain high-level attributes of TotalFlow Production Manager system. For example, server properties control how often users must change their passwords.

Administrators typically set any server properties that the installation requires when they initially configure the system. Administrators can also access server properties through the Server pod of the TotalFlow Production Manager user interface, so they can later set or change a server property.

Printer properties
Printer properties define the network location and assignment attributes of the printers. The assignment attributes are used to assign jobs to a printer.
Workflow properties
Workflow properties define the attributes of workflows.

Administrators typically set workflow properties when they create a workflow. For example, they can use a workflow property to control the methods that can be used to submit a job to the workflow.

Connection properties
Connection properties define the details of connections.

Administrators enter the connection tokens and other properties when they create it. For example, they can use an order token to identify the MarcomCentral order ID that contains processing information for the corresponding TotalFlow Production Manager job.

Paper properties
Paper properties define the attributes of papers, such as the height, width, and weight.
User properties
User properties define the attributes of users who have been authorized to use the system.

TotalFlow Production Manager provides a predefined set of authorities; you cannot add authorities or change the attributes of the authorities. Administrators assign authorities to users during initial configuration. Authorities control the functions and areas of TotalFlow Production Manager that users can access.

Job properties
Job properties define the attributes of jobs. Workflows create job attributes from the input files that they receive.

Job properties control all aspects of job processing and printing. For example, you can use job properties to:

  • Suspend the job before printing begins.
  • Store the job for a set period of time after all job processing completes.
Job properties are set when the job is submitted, either in the job ticket or in the print command. TotalFlow Production Manager also lets administrators and operators change or override values for job properties on a job-by-job basis.