Queues pod

The Queues pod shows printers and the jobs that are assigned to print on the printers. It also shows paper change actions and special instructions.
Queues pod

The left side of the Queues pod shows printers. To open the Status for Printer dialog, right-click the printer area, then click Status....

The right side shows the queue of jobs for each printer. The jobs are arranged in the order in which you can expect them to print. To change the place of a job in the queue, drag the job in the new position.

Mouse over a job to see the job name, job ID, state, current activity, the number of sheets in the job, and the number of copies of the job.

Double-click a job to open a dialog that shows the status of the job.

Right-click the job to do other actions, such as changing the number of copies or the job properties, holding, moving or deleting.

Operator flag, the operator flag, indicates that a job has instructions for the operator. Click the operator flag to see these instructions. The flag turns red if you close the Special Instructions dialog without printing the job.

Held job flag, the held job flag, indicates that a job is held until a certain time. Double-click the job to see when it will be released to print.

Paper change icon, the paper change icon, indicates that the operator needs to change the paper that is loaded in the printer. Double-click the icon to see instructions for the paper change.