Associating Workflows with Connections products

To send a job to TotalFlow Production Manager through an external connection such as MarcomCentral, assign a workflow to the job.

To associate a workflow with an external connection product:

  1. Log in to TotalFlow Production Manager as an operator or an administrator.
  2. In the menu bar, click Operations.
  3. Select a connection, then click More.
  4. Select Properties...
    You see the Edit Connection dialog.
  5. On the Workflow Map page, select a product and click Assign workflow
    Properties for workflow dialog: General page
    Note: If a product has no associated workflow, the jobs are created in Error state, with no workflow, and you must assign the jobs to a workflow.
  6. For static products, that do not have an associated PDF file or download URL, assign a PDF file. To assign a PDF to a product, select the product, then click Assign PDF....
    • If a PDF file is associated in both MarcomCentral and TotalFlow Production Manager, the job uses the latter.
    • If no PDF is associated to the product either in MarcomCentral or TotalFlow Production Manager, the job is created in error state and TotalFlow Production Manager displays an error message.
    • For pick item jobs, TotalFlow Production Manager generates a PDF named pick item sheet, that contains information of the order and line item.
    You see the Browse for File
  7. In the Browse for File dialog, select a PDF file from the server or upload a file from the machine where you are using the TotalFlow Production Manager in a web browser.
    You see the complete file path in the PDF File column.
  8. To remove a PDF file, select the product row, then click Remove PDF.
  9. Click OK.