Working with MarcomCentral jobs

TotalFlow Production Manager automatically accepts and processes orders from MarcomCentral based on the production templates associated with the jobs in the orders.

Before submitting orders from MarcomCentral, make sure you created a connection in TotalFlow Production Manager. For more information about creating connections, see Creating Connections. Also, make sure you have a workflow that contains a Closeout Order activity. For more information about creating workflow activities, see Supplied Activities and Custom Activities.

To process a job from MarcomCentral:
  1. There must be an order created in MarcomCentral store. An order can contain one or more jobs. For information about creating orders in MarcomCentral stores, read the MarcomCentral documentation.
    Important: When a MarcomCentral job enters the Closeout Order activity, its state changes to Waiting for order closeout. You can complete the job or move it to the Retain activity only after you close the order.
  2. Log in to TotalFlow Production Manager as an operator or an administrator.
  3. In the menu bar, click Operations.
  4. In the All Jobs pod, select the job, then click More.
  5. Select Order details....
    You see the Order Details dialog.
  6. Check all the order details carefully. If they are correct, click Close.
  7. In the All Jobs pod, select the job, then click More.
  8. Select Closeout order....
    If not all the jobs of the order are ready for closeout, you see a warning message.
  9. Click Yes.
    You see the Closeout Order dialog. For each part of the closeout there is a tab in the order closeout dialog.
  10. To perform the closeout on the order, you must complete these operations:
    • create the packing slip for the order
    • create the invoice
    • settle the order
    The settlement tab is visible and the order settlement is performed only for orders whose payment method is by credit card.
  11. Edit the necessary fields in each tab, then click OK.

    • You cannot change the shipping amount for each of the line items from TotalFlow Production Manager. The packing slip contains the entire order amount.
    • You cannot create in TotalFlow Production Manager multiple packing slips for an order with multiple line items.
    • If an order contains multiple line items with different shipping addresses, TotalFlow Production Manager does not allow the closeout and displays a warning message.
    • You cannot change the default line item values when creating the invoice from TotalFlow Production Manager.
    For all these cases, perform the closeout in MarcomCentral.

    The Order number job attribute can be displayed in the All Jobs pod and you can choose to group or order the jobs by it.