Job containing multiple AFP files does not print

The AFP architecture lets applications put multiple documents in a single file. The document boundaries are marked with Begin Document (BDT) and End Document (EDT) structured fields. Applications might use this function to cause finishing operations, such as stapling or binding, to operate on each document separately. However, some steps provided in many workflows supplied with RICOH ProcessDirector cannot process files that contain multiple documents.

The EnableRepositioning and CreatePageRanges steps map pages to sheets so that the Jump to and Print again functions can reliably locate a page in the job and so that the CreateInserterReprints step can reprint documents that were damaged during insertion. If either of these steps processes a job containing multiple documents, an error occurs that prevents the job from printing.

You can remove these steps from the workflow being used to process the job and the job will print, but you will no longer be able to use sheet numbers or indexing tags to select pages in the viewer when using the Jump to and Print again functions. If the workflow contains the CreateInserterReprints step, do not remove the EnableRepositioning and CreatePageRanges steps because these steps are required to reprint documents damaged during insertion.