Submitting jobs from RICOH TotalFlow PM PDF Print Driver on Windows

You can use TotalFlow PM PDF Print Driver to submit jobs and job tickets from any application to a workflow in TotalFlow Production Manager.
First install TotalFlow PM PDF Print Driver. For information related to installation, see Installing and Configuring drivers section in RICOH TotalFlow Production Manager Setup Guide.
To submit a job from TotalFlow PM PDF Print Driver to a TotalFlow Production Manager workflow:
  1. Make sure that the workflow is configured in TotalFlow Production Manager and is enabled.
  2. On the machine where TotalFlow PM PDF Print Driver is installed, enter the IP/hostname of the TotalFlow Production Manager server and assign a TotalFlow Production Manager workflow to the driver.
    Printing Preferences
  3. Click Set job properties ... to open the job properties dialog for the workflow associated with the driver.
    Job Properties for workflow
    Important: For the Job Properties for Printer dialog to be enabled, make sure that:
    • Internet Explorer 11 is installed
    • In the Internet Options of Internet Explorer, the security level is not High
    • Internet Explorer Enhanced Security Configuration is disabled, if your operating system is one of these:
      • Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1
      • Windows Server 2012 R2
      • Windows Server 2012
    • Desktop Experience is installed and enabled, if your operating system is:
      • Windows Server 2012
      • Windows Server 2012 R2

      For information on how to install and enable Desktop Experience, see Windows Server documentation.

  4. Set the job properties for the workflow according to your needs and click OK.
  5. In the Printing Preferences dialog, click OK.
  6. On the machine where TotalFlow PM PDF Print Driver is installed, open a document that you want to print.
  7. In the Print dialog window, select the name of the printer that you associated with the driver.
    Print Dialog Window
    The document opens in TotalFlow Production Manager.
  8. Edit the job properties as needed.
    Note: For more information on how to modify the job properties or the job ticket from this view, see Submitting jobs from RICOH TotalFlow Production Manager Job Submission